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UK / EASA Transition

Our Examiner Team

Our extensive team of both UK and EASA examiners mean we are able to cater to both UK and EASA licence holders alike, which is particularly vital as aviation navigates the Brexit transition.

Our resident Examiners conduct skill tests and proficiency checks for initial issue, revalidation and renewal of ratings held on UK FCL or National licences. We’re also able to offer proficiency checks for revalidation and renewal* of SEP/TMG ratings held on EASA Part FCL licences.

* Note: renewals are possible if the rating has expired by less than 3 years.

Exam Services at Cambridge Aero Club

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  • UK/EASA transition

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.When did the Brexit transition commence?
The UK left EASA on the 1st January 2021.

Q.Will Brexit affect my PPL training
No. You can continue training towards your PPL and upon completion will gain a UK PPL.

Q.I hold an EASA PPL. How will Brexit affect me?
There is no single answer here and every pilot's situation needs to be carefully reviewed. Please contact us directly to discuss your individual circumstances.