Flight Experience

Steve Swain

What they did: Flight Experience

I had the time of my life when I took my flight in 2009.

It was a present from my partner and what an experience it was to take the controls high in the sky. I would recommend anyone to use your friendly services!

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Aerobatic Experience

Jonathan Duke

What they did: Aerobatics

I joined Cambridge Aero Club a year ago after buying my brother a trial flight in their Extra 200. I found the Club atmosphere both friendly and extremely professional and decided to join the club to begin flying aerobatics.

Despite only flying periodically due to work commitments, I have since taken part and come second in a Beginners aerobatics competition sponsored by Loop magazine.

The Cambridge Aero Club instructors and staff are always enthusiastic and tailor their instruction really well to suit individuals. Other Club members are friendly and there are many non-flying social events such as lectures at which to meet.

The aircraft are very well maintained and the operation of the Club is very slick. There’s a reason I travel back from Cornwall to fly at Cambridge!

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Marianne Crowder

What they did: PPL, Aerobatics rating, Tailwheel, Differences training

I had my first taste of flying light aircraft in 2010 with what I thought would be a one-off trial lesson. The beauty of flight and the possibility for adventure had me hooked.

When I decided it was time to get my PPL six year later, Cambridge Aeroclub was recommended to me for their professional, friendly atmosphere and excellent facilities. From my first lesson I knew I was in good hands: the instructors are knowledgable and helpful and someone was always on hand to answer my questions. With their help I feel I’ve gained the skills and confidence I need to fly safely and well. Since getting my licence I’ve been building experience with club flyouts, the farm strip course and solo hire.

I’m now busy doing Aerobatics training! 

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Flight Training

Dr Mahzuz Karim

What they did: Private Pilots Licence, IMC, Night, Farm Strip

A friend recommended Cambridge Aero Club to me for flying training, and he was absolutely right.

I could not have hoped for a more friendly and supportive environment to nurture me through the PPL course, followed by the farm strip course, IR(R) rating and night rating…and the adventure continues!

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Eloise Varin

What they did: Training

It all started when I was offered a trial lesson, Luke took me for a spin and that’s how I became a member 7 years ago!

The Cambridge Aero Club environment suited me as I’ve always felt I am in safe hands. The fleet is young and maintained to the highest standards and the staff are professional and friendly. We also benefit from the airport’s excellent facilities.

It’s a perfect place to fly from and I will always be thankful for the invaluable advice I got from the great people at the club.

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Henry Faire

What they did: Training

A brief note to let you know how much I have enjoyed the whole process of the PPL training I received at Cambridge Aero Club. You have a thoroughly professional and, just as important, likeable bunch of instructors and staff.

My reasons for choosing Cambridge Aero Club was partly history, partly wanting to learn at a “proper” airfield with tower and non-leisure traffic, and mostly a hunch that I would be treated as a customer as well as a club member; it is after all an expensive exercise! I have been a very happy customer throughout!!

The farm strip training has been a brilliant way to round off the PPL course. Well structured and really enjoyable, not least because of the cups of tea with Anthony’s tractors and eccentric friends! Personally, I regard it as a virtually essential piece of real world experience to wean me off the comfort zone of Cambridge Airport!

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James Wright

What they did: PPL, IR(R) ongoing

I started my PPL a little under a year ago as a hobby and selected Cambridge Aeroclub on the recommendation of a friend who also learnt to fly there. With full ATC and unusual air traffic Cambridge has set me up so that I am not concerned about flying to any UK airfield. There is a great mix of experience in the pool of instructors from professional airline pilots, test pilots and aerobatic pilots, and I have learnt something unique from all of them. It’s a wonderful place to learn how to fly.

For me, learning to fly has been extremely rewarding with a great balance of physical and mental skill. It is hard to describe the feeling of pulling off the perfect crosswind landing in tricky conditions or the look on friend’s faces when you take them up in a light aircraft for the first time. I will never regret the expense of gaining my PPL.

Most importantly I have found the people around the club great fun which made it a more difficult decision than it should have been to fly the nest and join my own aircraft group after completing the PPL. 

I am happy to say I have just returned to commence my instrument rating at Cambridge Aero Club!

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Michael White

What they did: Training

Having been a member for a few years now, I would really recommend Cambridge Aero Club to anyone wanting to learn to fly. All the instructors and staff are friendly, helpful and professional and the fleet of aircraft is modern, well equipped and well maintained.

A real joy to fly with!

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Paul Anson

What they did: PPL, IR(R), PA28 Differences

An experience flight gift was the final catalyst to getting trained and Cambridge Aeroclub took me though my PPL, at my own pace, in just under a year. Having read about other clubs, I realise that one of the best aspects of the club is your freedom to choose instructors that suit you. They’re all highly proficient, but different styles suit different trainees.

The club is very professional, takes safety very seriously but is friendly and all the reception staff are awesome. It’s a busy club but they’ll bend over backwards to help accommodate specific needs.

The club has a community feel and I have joined an experienced syndicate based at the club. Good syndicates are cautious about inexperienced joiners but being trained at Cambridge Aeroclub and going on to do IR(R) with a club instructor gave the syndicate confidence to take me on.

Through the club and the syndicate I am confident I will keep learning, keep getting safer and will have fun doing it.

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Aerobatic and Tailwheel training

Chris Bishop

What they did: Aerobatics + Tailwheel

The Cambridge Aeroclub is such a friendly and welcoming environment, with great aircraft and superb instructors. The Extra 200 was an inspired purchase by the club, and is a total joy to fly! It’s very responsive, with great visibility, and offers everything from tailwheel conversion and gentle “weekend loops and rolls” through to unlimited category competition-level aerobatics.

Pure stick-and-rudder flying at its best!

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