Indeed, few would argue that some of the most famous and exciting aircraft are tailwheels or ‘taildraggers’. Mastering the art of handling a taildragger is not difficult but it’s extremely satisfying.

Once completed, our comprehensive course will have paved the way for you to enjoy flying a whole new category of aircraft
Extra 200 from below

All Tailwheel training is carried out on the Extra 200, so we can incorporate full differences training if you desire.

Extra 200

Flight Training

Extra 200 taxi
Extra 200 rear in flight
Our course is probably the most comprehensive available.

Our course is probably the most comprehensive available. However, it is very carefully designed with efficiency in mind to help you realise your potential as quickly as possible. Uniquely, we can combine dual and solo exercises in our Extra 200 to give you the best possible skill set compatible with any tailwheeled aircraft.

Basic Syllabus

Long ground brief
Everything tailwheel

Ground handling:

Take off:
Grass, hard surface, short field

3 point, wheeler, short field, glide

X-Wind techniques
Circuit & approach techniques
Side slipping
Oval & low-level circuits

Extra 200 static front

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