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Aerial Ash Scattering service

A lovely way to celebrate the life of your loved one; scatter their ashes over the beautiful Cambridgeshire fields and countryside in a unique and dignified manner. Cambridge Aero Club aerial Ash Scattering service was created to provide clients with the opportunity to celebrate a friend or family member’s life in a memorable way.

At the cost of £250, three passengers plus pilot will fly in a C182, four-seater aircraft outfitted with a unique device designed to carry and release ashes. Flying within a 10 mile radius of Cambridge Airport allows you to enjoy a wide array of beautiful spots to scatter ashes. If you would like to fly further afield, we will gladly accommodate your request at additional add-ons (quoted individually).

As a reputable flight school, Cambridge Aero Club is recognised for decades of dedicated and professional flying services, and we look forward to helping you create a memorable experience.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance.


Q.How many of us can be in the plane during the Ash Scattering?
Depending on weight, our Cessna 182 can accommodate up to 3

Q.At what height do you drop the Ashes from?
We usually release your loved-ones ashes from around 500 feet high

Q.Can you see the Ash Scattering from the ground?
Yes you can, your loved-one's Ashes will be seen as a beautiful trail in the sky, akin to the smoke released by the Red Arrows

Q.Where can we scatter their Ashes?
We can scatter your loved-one's Ashes over either Cambridge Airport, a stretch of coastline or over Private Land (with landowners permission) Other locations are possible, please get in touch to discuss your ceremony requirements

Q.Can family and friends watch the plane take off?
Yes of course, we can accommodate up to 30 people to view the take off and landing, and if scattered over Cambridge Airport the whole ceremony will be visible.

Q.Can you scatter my pet's Ashes?
Yes of course, any loved-one's Ashes may be scattered

Q.What about unsuitable weather?
We would do our utmost to battle the elements on the day, but would always arrange a back up day with you just in case