Piper Warrior III

Descended from the Cherokee family, the Warrior III is in fact far superior and comes equipped with a 160hp Lycoming engine.

This sleek, low-winged aircraft benefits from DME, Dual GNS 430 of which one is 430W. This makes it ideally suited for instrument training in addition to PPL and other advanced training.

GGGEM is professionally equipped and maintained to make your flight as comfortable as possible. A 4-seater with luxurious leather seats, dual controls and modern avionics including:

Dual Comms/Nav boxes

Traditional steam gauges

Sophisticated GPS



Certified Load Factor +3.8g
Cruise Speed 128kts
Manoeuvring Speed 111 kts @ MTOW
MTOW 1055kg


Length 24ft
Wingspan 35ft
Height 7ft 4in
Engine Type 160 Lycoming


Seats (Front) 2
Seats (Rear) 2