Hour Building Packages

With our hour building packages on our Cessna 152’s, PPL holders can work towards meeting the required number of hours to then go on for their next rating or licence.

Examples being the Flight Instructor Rating (FI rating) and the Commercial Pilots Licence (CPL) as part of the modular route. This is a statuary requirement and also crucially, these hours build experience and pilot competence for a newly qualified pilot: a critical time in your pilot career.




Integrated route:

  • Full time study at a commercial flight school, generally 1-2 years from complete beginner (pre-PPL) to qualified commercial pilot (CPL) emerging with what’s known as a frozen ATPL.
  • Full course fees required for entire course up front.  Around £90,000 plus living expenses etc.

Modular route (at Cambridge Aero Club):

  • Flying hours are first built up to the required prerequisite 150 hours, prior to undertaking the CPL course.
  • Build experience in ‘blocks’ allowing for self-funded route.
  • Choose from blocks of 10 or 50 hours at a discounted rate.
Fixed price hour building packages

Our Cessna 152’s are nifty little 2-seaters, ideal for hour building at a more affordable rate. They are both newly refurbished and each have a Garmin GNC255 NAV/COMM linked to Garmin G5s with HSI functionality. What’s more, they are also equipped with a Garmin GTX335 ADS-B out transponder and an Aero 660 GPS.

Why spend more flying a larger aircraft when GCLNA and GCLNB will do the job nicely and for significantly less?!


  • 10 hr block £POA
  • 50 hr block £POA
  • Please get in touch to discuss your requirement!
CPL requires minimum of 150 hours prior to commencing the commercial flight training.

Many pilots instruct while waiting for their first commercial job with some also continuing to do so part time once flying commercially.

This is certainly the case  with several of our fabulous instructors! Several of whom fly for airlines such as Easyjet, Ryanair, BA and Titan. They are also more than happy to discuss their own experiences of flight training and have a great understanding of what the airlines are looking for in new recruits.

“Modular courses tend to produce pilots who come from a wide background and experience and this can be very advantageous when we come to look at suitability for command in the future.”

Flybe Director of Flight Operations

A sound foundation for pilots

Through hour building with CAC, you can ensure not only that you meet the prerequisite requirements for commencing your CPL but that you are fully prepared for the challenges ahead with a strong piloting experience base as PIC.

Our wide breadth of knowledge and experience, means we are always happy to advise throughout your time with us – and beyond! Grow as a pilot at an ATO that has been training pilots for over 90 years and with a fleet meticulously maintained by our experienced engineers.

Club Fly Outs and Pilot Mentoring

Remember we also have various Club Fly Outs to destinations such as Le Touquet and the Isle of Wight if you’d care to join us!

We also have instructors on hand if ever you want to brush up on anything in particular for a mentored flight.



Equipped with Garmin GNC255 NAV/COMM linked to Garmin G5s with HSI functionality. Plus a Garmin GTX335 ADS-B out transponder and an Aero 660 GPS.


10 hours C152 £POA
50 hours C152 £POA
Bespoke packages negotiable Enquire at reception

Restrictions apply. Please see our FAQ section.

Hour building package prerequisites:
  • Hold current medical (Class 1 or 2)
  • Hold current Private Pilots Licence (PPL)
  • Meet currency requirements of CAC for any solo hire
Hour building package agreement:
  • Hours must be used within an agreed period
  • Price on agreed aircraft type: C152
  • Other aircraft available upon agreement

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.What aircraft will I be using?

Q.What happens if the weather is not suitable when I'm due to fly?
The nature of aviation. We are happy to reschedule to an alternative date.

Q.Is there a time limit to use up my hour building package?
Yes. In order to offer you the best possible price at a fixed rate, we require that you use this package within 12 months of purchase. Our pricing is very much dictated by aspects such as rising fuel prices making this restriction a necessity.

Q.Do I have to fly a minimum amount per booking?
Yes. We would expect you to fly a minimum of 2 hours per 1/2 day booking or 4 hours per full day booking (Weather permitting).

Q.Is payment required in advance?
Yes. In order to benefit from the great hour building package discounts we require that you purchase the full 10 or 50 hours in advance.

Please contact us to discuss individual requirements

*just email us at enquiries@cambridgeaeroclub.com

*During the coming weeks, due to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, Cambridge Aero Club is best reached by email. Please be reassured we will respond to all email correspondence as swiftly as possible.