Ground School

We are happy to offer our extensive PPL ground school program, with various options available to suit every learning style.

Here at Cambridge Aero Club we understand that all students have differing needs and approaches to learning.

Whilst some are happy to prepare for their exams through self-study alone, others prefer to benefit from classroom-style instruction and discussion with highly experienced flight and ground instructors ahead of sitting their exams.

In essence, this is why we run the Aero Ground School program through various formats, offering both one-to-one and group setting options for each.

Circuit Briefing

All our ground school tutors are also experienced flight instructors giving an unrivalled knowledge of the subject matter and putting it to practice.

What’s more, we pride ourselves on our approachable ethos: Every question merits an answer!

Theoretical subjects

As part of your PPL you are required to successfully undertake 9 multiple choice written exams: Air Law, Human Performance & limitations, Meteorology, Communications, Navigation, Flight Performance and Planning, Aircraft General Knowledge, Principles of Flight, Operational Procedures.

Intensive & Scheduled programs

In a hurry? Then book in for our Intensive Program to suit those who would like to get the theoretical part under their belt straightaway, thus avoiding any hold ups later on in the course.
Course duration:
6 consecutive days, 1-2 subjects per day plus exams.
£1440.00 Max group 5 students.

Alternatively, our Scheduled program allows you to fit the theory part of the course into your busy schedule and best suits those who would like to take a slower but structured approach to there learning and ‘digest’ between sessions.

Course duration:
6 daysover 2-3 months,1-2 subjects per day plus exams.
£1440.00 Max group 5 students.

Perhaps you just need to study towards individual subjects? We also offer a Day rate at £205.00 for a single subject day or £285.00 for a double subject day. 

Frustrated by the wonderfully diverse English weather?!

Our Ground School Clinic is open all day everyday when it’s raining, the vis is bad or the wind is up!

Drop in Clinic

If you have any more extensive questions or simply want to gain a greater understanding on particular aspects of the course so that you can get through the exams more painlessly: Why not turn a no-fly day into a ground-school day?

How it works:
As more of an ‘Ad Hoc’ program, whereby if you’re booked in for  a lesson and are unable to fly due to poor weather you can arrange to come in anyway and work through subject matter of your choosing with one of our ‘Aero-Boffins’.

One-to-one sessions are priced at £30.00 per hour.

Or simply cut to the chase with our Exams only program.
Exams only program

Work through the subject material  through self study either at home or at the Aero Club, then when you feel ready, and once the relevant mock exam is successfully completed, simply book in to sit your exams  at our ATO.

Whilst current Aero Club members have this option already, visiting students can decide to simply undertake their theory with us after undertaking their own self study.

Set price for 9 mocks and exams £252.00

Non members:
Set price for 9 mocks and exams £287.00

You must register online with the CAA to sit the exams with us.  The CAA charges £10 per exam and this is administrated through the Aero Club.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.What do I need to pass each test?
The pass standard is 75% on all your written exams.

Q.How long do I have to take all of my exams?
From completion of your first written exam, you have 18 months to complete the remaining 8 exams.

Q.Is there a time limit on completing my practical training in relation to my written exams?
Yes. You have 24 months within which you must complete your flight training (including initial skills test).

Q.When can I think about taking my skills test?
All written exams must be completed prior to undertaking your skills test.

Q.What happens if I go outside of 24 months?
If your exams lapse before the skills test they will have to be retaken.

Q.Where can I get the course materials?
All course materials required are provided as part of the intensive and scheduled programs and are included in the price.

Please contact us to discuss individual requirements

just give us a call on 01223 373 717