Farm Strip

On this course you will explore a world of undiscovered landing sites that you never imagined existed. You will also become competent enough with your handling skills to get the aircraft safely in and out of them.

Grass strip final approach
Farm strip final approach
This is normally a 4 hour course with a flexible syllabus

This is normally a 4 hour course with a flexible syllabus. The first hour of flying would normally be revision of short-field take offs, landings and cross-wind technique using the grass runways at Cambridge.

The second lesson is a trip to a local farm strip to put the theory into practice. The remaining 2 hours flying is be spread over an entire afternoon, visiting 2 farm strips and may include additional circuits at one.

The Cessna 172 SP is an excellent short strip performer and the emphasis throughout the course is on accurate handling, tactical and safety considerations.

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