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Duxford airfield dates back to 1918, when following the first world war it was retained by the RAF as a training base. This later became reclassified as a fighter station from 1923, to which Duxford then served as a vital role in supporting Britain’s air defence.

Now in peace time, Duxford airfield marks a token to the history which took place and remains a live airfield to a number of civilian operations.

Cessna 172SP

Why fly at Duxford?

Duxford is situated in a prime location. As well as it’s great history, flights from Duxford are less impacted by airspace restrictions, which is what makes Duxford such an attractive base and an ideal spot for both flight training and experiences.

All within 40 miles of North London, Duxford has proven to be a suitable training base for everyone from Private Pilots Licence (PPL) students to licence holders alike. What’s more you’ll be flying in the circuit with war birds such as the famed Spitfire.

Duxford experience flights

Duxford provides the perfect setting for a historically rich flight experience, allowing you the opportunity to take full advantage of Europe’s largest air museums.

The flight experience will have you soaring to the skies to re-live the moments that many young pilots experienced as they embarked on their sorties during the war. All in the comfort of our luxury equipped tourer.

Experience includes either:

• 20 minute flight for you and two guests*


• 30 minute flight for you and two guests*


• Free entry into IWM with half price discount for your guests
• First flight certificate

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Training at Duxford

Duxford is a well facilitated airfield offering pilots the luxury of both hard and grass runway availability. Not only that but with accessibility to briefing rooms, which date back to war time and the thrill of mixing lessons with some iconic aircraft, it makes learning to fly at Duxford a really unique training experience.

With large amounts of unrestricted airspace in close proximity, Duxford enables students to maximise their lesson time, which has a great impact on the progression of their Private Pilot training.


Explore the collections

Duxford’s Imperial War Museum (IWM) includes a wealth of information and a wide collection of aircraft and stories on display, from those who have lived, fought, and died in conflict. From the first world war though to present day, you’ll be sure to leave your visit having gained fascinating insight into the history of aviation.

Since Duxford also remains a live airfield, this means visitors may also have the opportunity to see a number of iconic war birds in action—a great addition to the static exhibits.


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