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Cessna 182

The Cessna 182 is a high wing, single engine aircraft and the next step up from the Cessna 172. Hugely popular and renowned for its comfort and reliability, G-ORDM is ideally suited to longer IFR flights.

First coming off the production line in the US in 1956, the Cessna 182 is a tricycle gear variant of the original 180. The following year the 182A and then 182T were introduced together with the name ‘Skylane’.

A fixed wing aircraft with a variable pitch prop G-ORDM offers a modern, fully airways-equipped ride with a 138 knot cruise speed making it perfect for those longer trips.
It boast dual Garmin nav comms, DME, ADF and HSI as well as Bendix King KLN 94 GPS with moving map:

Dual Nav Comms

Traditional steam gauges

Sophisticated GPS



Certified Load Factor +3.8g / -1.52g
Never-exceed Speed (Vne): 175 kts
Manoeuvring Speed 110 kts @ MTOW
Stall Speed Approx 41kts


Length 29ft 2in
Wingspan 36ft 1in
Wing Area 174 sq ft
Height 9ft 4in


Seats (Front) 2
Seats (Rear) 2