Cessna 152

American built 2-seater popular training aircraft. This highly durable aircraft evolved from the earlier C150 model as a modernised version with higher specs.
This dual-controlled aircraft is an ideal option for those looking to keep costs down for their PPL training and also importantly for post-PPL hour-building pilots. See our Hour Building Packages page for more on this.
All of our aircraft are equipped to make your flight as enjoyable as possible. The 152 is a fantastic little trainer, proficient and easy to handle with dual controls and comfy seats:

Comfy interior

Dual Controls



Certified Load Factor +4.4g -1.7g
Cruise Speed 104 kts
Manoeuvring Speed 93 kts @ MTOW
MTOW 758 kg


Length 24ft 1in
Wingspan 33ft 4in
Height 8ft 6in
Engine Type Lycoming 235-L2C


Seats 2