Flying aerobatics is the pinnacle of pure flying excellence requiring the ultimate in hand-to-eye coordination

Using our specialist Extra EA-200 you will first be taken step by step through all the basic aerobatic manoeuvres.

After this, you will gradually progress on to competition sequences in preparation for your first aerobatic competition!

Your reward for achieving this level of skill is unparalleled freedom and confidence; fundamentally making you a better and safer pilot.

Successful completion of the course entitles you to an AOPA aerobatic certificate and the new UK aerobatic rating, (the latter replaces, like for like, the EASA rating post-Brexit). For the UK aerobatic rating to be issued by the CAA, 40 hours PIC (of any flying) post PPL issue is required.

Extra 200 banking left
Student strapping into the Extra 200

Pre-course Requirements

When can you start?

A candidate may commence the course after qualifying for the PPL, NPPL or LAPL and is advised to try an aerobatic experience flight in the first instance.

Extra 200 in flight
Extra 200
Credit for previous experience

Those with aerobatic experience who wish to obtain their UK aerobatic rating or AOPA basic aerobatic certificate may apply for a flight competency test with one of our qualified instructors.

A satisfactory standard of performance on this test will be accepted as meeting the requirements for the issue of the certificate or rating.

Flight Training

Extra 200 pre-flight
Extra 200 flight
Strapped in to the Extra 200
Our aerobatics syllabus comprises of 8 hours flying and at least 8 hours ground school (of which half can be self study).

As part of this time the course will cover the following:

  • Engine & airframe – knowledge of limitations & safety aspects
  • Pre-flight procedures
  • Slow flight – level, climbing, turning & descending
  • Stall entries & recoveries
  • Advanced / max rate turns
  • Spins with non-precision recoveries
  • Recoveries from unusual attitudes
  • Loops
  • Aileron (Ballistic) roll
  • Barrel roll
  • Slow roll
  • Stall turn
  • Half roll off the top of a loop
  • Half cuban (rolling on down line)
  • Quarter clover, rolling downwards
  • Combination sequences

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