Advanced Training

Whether you’re a seasoned pro, just fancy dipping a toe in new waters or need to refresh forgotten skills, we offer a range advanced training to help you improve your abilities and develop your confidence as a pilot.

Aerobatics and Tailwheel training
in our Extra EA-200

Flying aerobatics is the pinnacle of pure flying excellence requiring the ultimate in hand to eye coordination. Our expert aerobatic instructors will guide you through the nuances of flying this incredibly responsive stunt plane. What’s more you will learn some truly awesome manoeuvres working towards your aerobatic rating! Check out our aerobatics page for more!

Learning how to handle a tailwheel aircraft or ‘taildragger’ is a whole different experience and an awesome type to add to your licence! Giving a strong foundation in true ‘stick and rudder’ flying, our tailwheel course is probably the most comprehensive available. You can find out more here.

Our training capabilities include aerobatic and advanced handling courses such as the EASA Aerobatic Rating or AOPA aerobatic certificates

Instrument training
IR(R) and CBIR

Got your PPL so what next? Without question, to really build your skills and confidence instrument training is ideal. Instrument Ratings allow you to fly in a much wider range of weather conditions – and lets face it, the weather in the UK is certainly ‘changeable’! Many choose to go for the Instrument Rating (Restricted) or ‘IR (R)’, formally known as the IMC. Significantly quicker than the full IR this rating fulfills the requirements of many pilots as it permits you to fly IMC in UK airspace.

If on the other hand you are a more experienced pilot looking to gain the full IR, then the Competency Based Instrument Rating (CBIR) route is for you! Cambridge Aero Club is one of the first flight schools to offer this new and unique course which takes into account prior training (up to 30 hours). The CBIR emphasises practical or ‘real world’ IFR flight and once obtained, the IR is valid anywhere in the world. Specifically tailored to each pilot we will be happy to discuss your training!

How to Apply

Please note that you must be a Flying Member of Cambridge Aero Club to participate in any of our courses, with the exception of individual Adventure Flights which may be purchased here.

Please contact us to discuss individual requirements

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