Companions Course

AOPA Companions Course:

for those who fly

with a pilot

Course Objectives

Our certificated companions course has been created with you in mind. As a passenger it will increase your enjoyment and the confidence you have in the cockpit when you accompany a Private Pilot.  It has been created by the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) and can be completed with us in as little as 2 weeks or up to 12 months, depending on your schedule. The course covers:

Cessna 172 tied down

Theoretical Knowledge


10 hours of briefings and lectures given by your Flight Instructor, specifically including:

  • Air Law understanding
  • Principles of Flight knowledge
  • Human Performance and Limitations guidance

Flight Instruction


8 hours in the air undertaking practical training in the following:

  • Primary effects of flying controls
  • Use of flight instruments
  • Radio operation
Cessna 172 tied down

Flight Exercises


  • Cockpit familiarisation
  • Climbing and descending the aircraft
  • Monitoring aircraft systems
  • How to make a safe landing
  • How to read an aeronautical map






So what if you get the flying bug?


Although the course does not in itself lead to a pilot’s licence it must be conducted by a fully qualified Flight Instructor.


It is appreciated that some flying companions may wish to continue training for the PPL and  the hours flown on the course may be counted towards that qualification. However, it   should be noted that the syllabus is an abridged version of the early flight exercises and ground studies for the PPL and covers only parts of the training requirements for the PPL.

Please note that you must be a Flying Member of Cambridge Aero Club to participate in any of our courses, with the exception of individual Adventure Flights which may be purchased independently.

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