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About Us

Approved Training Organisation

Cambridge Aero Club is one of the few UK-based PPL flying schools to be awarded (ATO) ‘Approved Training Organisation’ status by the UK (CAA) Civil Aviation Authority.

In 1929 Marshall Aerospace & Defence started Marshall Flying School – now known as the Cambridge Aero Club. A private flight school with decades of experience in training those who want to learn to fly, we remain part of the legendary Marshall company that is still considered an icon in the world of aviation.

Located at Cambridge Airport and the famous IWM Duxford Airfield, Cambridge Aero Club has access to exceptionally well-maintained runways and reputable ATC. All combined with our safe and reliable Cessna fleet, we are the popular choice for local and international students and visitors.

From student private pilots learning to fly to qualified pilots wanting advanced training Cambridge Aero Club offers it all.


Professionally skilled, experienced and knowledgeable, our team of flight instructors has decades of flight experience. Equipped with private and commercial flying backgrounds, Cambridge Aero Club flying instructors know all there is to know about training new starters to achieve their PPL or assist qualified pilots to advance their training further.

We offer everything; beginner ground school courses and briefings through to advanced flight training such as night rating, instrument rating, CBIR, IR(R), differences training on various aircraft, and much more. Learn to fly the right way with the right instructors.

Our Staff
Instructor and student

A Private Pilot flying school with ATO Status, Cambridge Aero Club has a reputation for providing outstanding initial and advanced PPL training and post-qualification courses.

Our syllabus, flight instructors, Safety Management System, and aircraft are continually monitored and audited by the UK Civil Aviation Authority.

We strive for safety and reliability by ensuring the highest industry standards are fully met and adhered to.