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Introducing Cambridge Aero Club’s Young Pilots Scheme:

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It is widely accepted that the young are often able to learn faster than adults. This is by no means a hard and fast rule but studies have found that both physical and cognitive demands are met more efficiently in younger people. This is particularly relevant in pilot training where good hand-to-eye coordination and the ability to retain complex information are both key. Whilst there are many other factors involved in forming a capable pilot, this early start (when those synapses are all fresh and raring to go!) stands new pilots in excellent stead for the lifelong learning that is being a good pilot.

Cambridge Aero Club is proud to work in partnership with local schools as part of their enrichment programs to offer a great PPL (Private Pilots Licence) starter course for budding young pilots aged 14-18 years. This scheme is intended to provide an insight into aviation and flying, whilst engaging the students enthusiasm and assisting in their personal development.

The course is carefully tailored to train students to become confident at pre-flight checks and control
of the aircraft during ground taxiing as well as being well on their way to proficiency in carrying
out various flight manoeuvres in the air, including a selection of the following; level
flight, climbing and descending, turning, stalling, taking off from the runway and landings.

All lessons follow the Civil Aviation Authority training syllabus and are recorded in the
students personal logbook, enabling a continuation of their flight training towards a full
EASA PPL at any time in the future.

If you are a school or sixth form student and meet our age criteria or if you are a parent or teacher at a school you think would benefit from this scheme we will be very happy to discuss your options. In the meantime please feel free to check out our brochure via the link below:

Young Pilots Scheme


Call or email us 7 days a week 0830-1800 to find out more about our

Young Pilots Scheme!

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Our starter courses our designed for 14-18 year olds and have a minimum height restriction of 5’3”.