SkyDemon Workshops:

SkyDemon workshops at Cambridge Aero Club

January – February 2016


Become a GPS Navigation Demon!


Or just improve your confidence and flight planning skills with this half day ground lesson and flight.


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Sky Demon aviation software for PC and iPad is generally thought to be the best available in Europe and has built up a massive following since its launch a few years ago.

Maybe you were given a SkyDemon subscription for Christmas? Maybe you bought yourself one as a present to yourself? Maybe you have SkyDemon, but have never quite got around to setting it up properly? Or maybe you think it’s simply time you moved into the modern world and used GPS to help your aviation?

Why not join a SkyDemon Workshop at the Aero Club during the winter, so you are ready for the flying season. The workshop is run by one of our instructors, Alan Evans, who is a SkyDemon fan and has been an SD beta tester for several years.

The workshop will be in two parts: a ground briefing of around two hours in groups of 2-3 people and a flight of about 45 minutes to get practical experience of using SkyDemon in the air.

Workshops will be organised for groups of two or three participants to allow maximum individual attention and will cover:

  • A few basic principles and limitations of GPS;
  • Set up of SkyDemon – help to tailor SD for you personally
  • Set up your aircraft
  • Planning on the ground
  • Navigating in the air
  • Routes and logs
  • Weather, Notams and Plates
  • Post flight review
  • Filing flightplans and GARs
  • IFR and VFR
  • 45 Min flight in a Cessna 172 – Alan will fly, allowing workshop participants to concentrate on SD.
  • Flying a route; Plog; warnings; scratchpad;
  • Help in low visibility.



SkyDemon software loaded on an iPad/iPad mini or Android tablet, available from SkyDemon’s website at Plus either an integral GPS in the tablet or an external GPS bluetoothed to the tablet.


  • Club membership (if not already a member) at £35
  • £40 per person ground briefing
  • 45 mins aircraft/instructor hire (cost shared between participants) – Please enquire at the Aero Club for current rates

Workshops are run either as 0900-1130 ground session followed by the flight, with a finish time of 1300.


For our evening workshop, the ground session runs 1800-2030 followed by the flight the next day.

For those interested please let us know here at Cambridge Aero Club, either by email: or by phone on 01223 373717.