Radiotelephony Training May 2016

In order to excercise the privileges of your well earned PPL you need to obtain an FRTOL, the Flight Radiotelephony Operator’s Licence.

Taking an RT course is the easiest way to gain a radiotelephony license or FRTOL. Simply because it provides a structured method of learning from someone who knows the subject.

The FRTOL exam is not a single examination, but instead consists of two parts. There is both a written exam and a practical examination, which can be taken in any order. However, it is usually the written exam that is taken first as it follows the same format as the remaining PPL ground school exams.

The practical exam takes the form of a simulated flight where the student pilot must make all of the RT calls. Like any examination, if proper preparation is made by the student then the exam should be fairly straightforward.

To get prepared call Arwyn Jones on 07876 564 747 or email to get booked into his next course; Tuesday 31st May , right here at Cambridge Airport.