Thanks for 10 years Anthony!

Today marks 10 years flying with the Aero Club for Anthony our Chief Flying Instructor (CFI). As a tribute, we decided to publish a piece he wrote for his staff profile: “We’re selling the Slingsby Firefly, but we’ve just bought an Extra 200, how do you feel about flying that?” said the voice on the […]

New news from the Aero Club!

Looking ahead, and as always “keeping a good lookout” you’ll find some changes to the way in which we’re communicating with you! In response to members suggestions we’re doing away with the old-fashioned newsletter and will be bringing you slimmed down more up-to-date ‘blog’ posts, news and events of the minute and a fresh look […]

Could you be an Astronaut?

Scott, an Assistant Producer at the BBC has been in touch with Cambridge Aero Club; on the hunt for 12 men and women to undergo authentic Astronaut training exercises. The Beeb are making an exciting new series for BBC Two that will be giving 12 ordinary people from across the UK a chance to be part of […]

Young Pilots Scheme

Introducing Cambridge Aero Club’s Young Pilots Scheme: It is widely accepted that the young are often able to learn faster than adults. This is by no means a hard and fast rule but studies have found that both physical and cognitive demands are met more efficiently in younger people. This is particularly relevant in pilot training where […]


Customer Surveys

Cambridge Aero Club is focused in creating and enhancing enjoyable experiences.  We aim to provide exceptional service and are collecting feedback on how we perform.   If you have flown with us recently as a Full Flying Member (either monthly or yearly) and would like to let us know how we worked for you please […]

Radiotelephony Training May 2016

In order to excercise the privileges of your well earned PPL you need to obtain an FRTOL, the Flight Radiotelephony Operator’s Licence. Taking an RT course is the easiest way to gain a radiotelephony license or FRTOL. Simply because it provides a structured method of learning from someone who knows the subject. The FRTOL exam […]

Aerobatic rating

Congratulations on your Aerobatic Rating Fran!! Fran Robinson has just this minute completed her Aerobatic Rating with Cambridge Aero Club’s CFI, Anthony Cooke. She came over to the UK for intensive training after first getting a taster of aerobatics last year at Shropshire Aero Club.   Usually to be found working out in Saudi Arabia […]

Spring has Sprung!

Pull up a pew and relax in the sun with our latest newsletter – great for a light (but informative!) read. Special thanks to Phill Coverdale for his contribution in the Farm Strip article. See inside for our Club Flyout dates 2016 announcement too! We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all […]

“Like a Surgeon – Solo for the very first time”

Congratulations on your First Solo Dick White! The first time for any student going solo is truly a momentous occasion and a huge achievement! Not least for Dick, who has worked tirelessly ‘like a surgeon’ to get to this point under the instruction of instructor Sarah Bond. During his first solo in GHERC, Sarah kept […]

News for 2016 OUT NOW!

A truly eclectic read.. Covering just about everything from ‘The Normalisation of Deviance’ to lion whispering in Ukutulu and the recent Tecnam visit here at Cambridge Aero Club..   News For 2016