Aerobatic & Advanced Handling

Without doubt, aerobatic flight represents the pinnacle of ‘hands on’ flying. Flying an aircraft in this manner demands skill and judgement beyond that required by more straight forward ‘A to B’ flying. Your reward for achieving this level of skill is unparalleled freedom and confidence improving all aspects of your relationship with aviation, whilst significantly deepening the satisfaction and enjoyment which motivated you to start flying in the first place.

In recognition of this most rapidly expanding area of interest, we offer a number of different courses for aerobatic training. Ranging from a simple one-off trial aerobatic lesson, to full-blown courses to prepare you for the exciting world of competition flying. Whichever you choose, all aerobatic training courses are fundamentally designed to make you a better and safer pilot.

EASA Aerobatic Rating

Cambridge Aero Club is delighted to offer suitably qualified members the new EASA Aerobatic Rating Course!

The course is largely based on the AOPA Basic syllabus, details of this follow below.

Pre-course requirements

A candidate may commence the course at a time after qualifying for the Private Pilots Licence or National Private Pilots Licence. The minimum pre-entry hours or time requirements to enter the course of training are advised upon calling us – 01223 373717

Students are advised to try an Aerobatic Trial Lesson in the first instance. Qualified pilots are advised to discuss their requirements to determine a suitable level of training.

Credit for previous experience

Those with experience who are seeking the EASA Aerobatic Rating or AOPA Basic Aerobatic Certificates may apply for a flight competency test with any qualified instructor who is registered with EASA/AOPA for the purpose of conducting such tests. A satisfactory standard of performance on this test will be accepted as meeting the requirements for the issue of the Certificate. An application form completed by the candidate and signed by the instructor must be sent to EASA/AOPA together with the appropriate fee before the Certificate or Rating can be issued.

AOPA Aerobatic Certificate Courses

For those looking to hone their flying skills, these certificates, devised and endorsed by the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) and are considered to set the standard in aerobatic qualifications.

There are 3 courses: Basic, Standard and Intermediate.

With an emphasis on good airmanship and safety, these courses are designed to give you a full understanding of both human and aircraft limitations. By the end of the course, you will be proficient in basic, standard or intermediate level aerobatics.

Pre-course requirements

You need to be a qualified pilot to receive aerobatic training. Qualified pilots are advised to discuss their requirements with us to determine a suitable level of training.


The Basic course consists of a minimum of 5 hours’ aerobatic flight tuition (allow extra time for transit to the Aerobatic training area) and 8 hours’ ground tuition.

At the end of the course, you will undergo a ‘Flight Test’ to demonstrate your proficiency at your chosen level. Once you have completed this, your instructor will supply you with the paperwork required for you to apply for your EASA Rating or AOPA Certificate.

Basic Syllabus

  • Engine & Airframe – Knowledge of limitations & safety aspects
  • Pre-flight procedures
  • Slow flight – Level, climbing, turning & descending
  • Stall entries & recoveries
  • Advanced / Max rate turns
  • Spins with non-precision recoveries
  • Recoveries from Unusual Attitudes
  • Loops
  • Aileron (Ballistic) Roll
  • Barrel Roll
  • Slow Roll
  • Stall Turn
  • Half Roll off the top of a Loop
  • Half Cuban (rolling on down line)
  • Quarter Clover, rolling downwards
  • Combination Sequences


8 hours ‘dual’ Extra EA200 at the published rate.

(All briefing and instructor time is included.)

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To book your training, call us on 01223 373717 or email

Advanced Aerobatics to suit you

Pilots who already enjoy aerobatic flying may wish to further expand their skills by learning more complex and technical manoeuvres. Further exploiting the unlimited capabilities of the Extra 200, we can introduce you to the challenges of the Lomcevak, Knife-edge spin, Inverted spin and tail slide to name a few.

All advanced training will be structured according to your individual requirements and based on your existing level of competence and long term goals.

Please call us on 01223 373717 to discuss your aspirations.