Corporate Events

Cambridge Aero Club is delighted to offer a range of Personal Development, Team Building, Leadership Training & Development Events

Each of our flying events and corporate team days is bespoke and created specifically to suit participants needs. Just speak to a member of our team to discuss your exact requirements!

Depending on the package chosen, your day could include

  • Standard & Aerobatic Flight experiences
  • Inspirational Speakers
  • Lunches
  • Guest Speakers
  • Tours of Marshall Aerospace hangars
  • Lunchtime Presentations

Following a full briefing on the order of events you and your guests will be invited to step on board our luxuriously equipped, modern touring aircraft; the Cessna 172; enjoy the sights of Cambridge and the local area. Once airborne, you’ll receive a demonstration of the aircraft controls—and then it’s over to you! You’ll fly the aircraft under the watchful eye of your instructor.

Experience the thrill of taking to the skies in our high performance aerobatic Aircraft; the Extra 200. Once suitably briefed and strapped in you’ll head up and away for a series of breathtaking manoeuvres and have the opportunity to get ‘hands on’ and fly some aerobatics yourself. This aircraft is capable of +/- 10g, and is ultra responsive enabling barrel rolls, loops, stall turns, cubans and inverted flight.

 Creating team building opportunities providing great memories from exhilarating experiences!

‘Cadet Pilot’ package from £100 per person

‘The Aviator’ teambuilding package from £250 per person

‘Top Gun’ leadership package from £500 per person

Call us for more details & to discuss your event!