Congratulations Haydn!

New PPL!

Haydn Large


We would like to congratulate Haydn Jakes on gaining his Private Pilots Licence after much hard work and fantastic commitment! Haydn undertook his Skills Test this week with our in house examiner Matt Senior and passed with flying colours!

At just 19 years old, Haydn’s story is an unusual one which shows utter dedication to his passion for aircraft and learning to fly.

Haydn’s mother used to be cabin crew for Gulf Air in Bahrain, and had showed him some of the manuals she had kept and things started to change, he started doing his own research into flight and how aircraft work, and every day  found himself wanting to know more!

“I bought myself a flight simulator for my laptop, and I had a go at being a pilot. Every afternoon after school I’d get home and go flying, whilst it was only in my room and on a small laptop screen, it was my favourite hobby!

Haydn is an apprentice aerospace engineer at Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group. He was born and raised in Newmarket, quite close to Cambridge Airport, found out about the apprenticeship scheme there and knew that was what he wanted to do. After a few trips to Marshall ADG for interviews and aptitude tests, he was offered his dream job.

Haydn’s plan for his future is to gain a Commercial Pilots Licence which would allow him to fly on revenue earning flights. Along the way there is a lot he can do, tail-wheel aircraft conversions, aerobatic ratings, night flying and farm strip operations; all of which are available at Cambridge Aero Club. After that he will be able to move onto multi-engine and jet courses.

Haydn says:

“I would just like to say a special thank you to my family, for giving me amazing support and guidance, and helping me pursue my dream to become a pilot and engineer.

I would also like to thank 2417 Newmarket Squadron Air Cadets for the qualifications they have helped me gain and giving me the opportunity to share my aviation experiences with others.

And finally, a massive thank you to Cambridge Aeroclub for their amazing customer service, flawless training and most of all the experience.”

Happy Flying Haydn!