Could you be an Astronaut?

Scott, an Assistant Producer at the BBC has been in touch with Cambridge Aero Club; on the hunt for 12 men and women to undergo authentic Astronaut training exercises.

The Beeb are making an exciting new series for BBC Two that will be giving 12 ordinary people from across the UK a chance to be part of a very exclusive club, and live out their dreams of undertaking astronaut training.

Over a 28 day period they will undertake authentic astronaut training exercises, normally achieved by only a select few. Experiencing tasks such as human centrifuge and zero gravity they will be assessed by a team of expert assessors. They will be pushed both physically and mentally to see if they have what it takes, for this once in a lifetime opportunity.


Scott has asked us if we could help us spread the word and reach people who may be interested in finding out more and potentially taking part .  Perhaps it may be something that interests you or you may have a friend or family member that you think this would suit.

To apply, email: