Extra EA-200

Easy to fly and land but also emmensely high-performing, our two-seater Extra EA-200 is available for tailwheel training, aerobatic training (beginner to advanced), Extra EA-200 conversion and solo hire for suitably qualified pilots.

The Extra EA-200 is a highly engineered low-wing monoplane, making it fantastic for aerobatics, and while it may be small it’s incredibly powerful!

Capable of all unlimited manoeuvres, its agility combines with responsive handling and dependable stability to make a great all-round training/sports aerobatic aircraft.

Extra EA-200 Specifications

  • Seats: 2-seat, tandem arrangement
  • Aircraft Dimensions (ft): L22 ft 3 in x W24 ft 7 in x H8 ft 9 in
  • Wing Area: 111.9 sq ft/10.4 sq meters
  • FAA/EASA Certified Load Factor: +/- 10g
  • Never-exceed Speed (Vne): 217 kts
  • Manoeuvring Speed: 154 kts
  • Stall Speed at 1,543 lbs/700 kg: 53 kts
  • Stall Speed at 2,095 lbs/950 kg: 59 kts

Further Information

EA200 Supplimentary Notes version 1.3

Part 2 of our ATO Manual for Student Pilots


  • Dual & Tailwheel – £261.80 per hour
  • Solo – £219.40 per hour
    • Adventure Flights – £189.00 for 30 min

Note: Extra EA 200 is available for both standard and aerobatic Adventure Flights.

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