Aerobatic Trial Lesson

Flying Day Experiences

Are you looking for a unique flying experience, or simply cannot decide between a Standard or Aerobatic experience?

Why not try both? Our exhilarating flying day experiences prove to be the ultimate day out for those wanting to get a little more adrenaline.

Fly your Standard flight first and take the controls of one of our luxuriously equipped, modern touring aircraft. You don’t need any previous experience, in fact for many this is the first chance they’ve had to fly an aeroplane! You’ll be thoroughly briefed on all aspects of air safety by one of our highly experienced instructors; you can even take a guest along at no extra charge!

Then take 5 as your next flight is sure to knock your socks off!!

Experience the thrill of taking to the skies in an Extra200, our high performance aerobatic aircraft is similar to those used in the famous Red Bull Air Race series.

When you are ready you will be briefed by your highly experienced instructor who will explain the basic aircraft controls, safety matters and the content of the flight. There will then be an opportunity for your family and friends to take pictures as you ‘strap the aircraft on!’.

Your instructor will talk you through everything as he takes you through a series of breathtaking manoeuvres which are guaranteed to get your pulse racing! You will then have an opportunity to take the controls of the aircraft and try your hand at some basic manoeuvres yourself.

Once you have flown the aircraft, marvel again at the views of beautiful Cambridge and the surrounding countryside. If you don’t fancy the thought of aerobatic flight, it’s not obligatory… We can make the flight as gentle or as extreme as you like. It’s up to you!

As with all of our adventure flights, you do not need to be a qualified pilot. Anyone can enjoy this experience subject to our usual Terms & Conditions


£339 for 2 amazing flights, one Standard in our Cessna172, the next Aerobatic in our Extra200

The whole experience will last approximately 2.5 hours consisting of pre & post flight briefings and 1 hour and 10 minutes of pure flight time.

Once payment has been made, we will send you a personalised voucher for both flights, valid for a single participant or you can separate the experiences for 2 participants if you wish.

To book your flight, call 01223 373717

or email

(Please read our Flight Experience Terms and Conditions before booking.)


Q: Which aircraft will I fly in?

A: You’ll take to the skies first in our Cessna 172 for the Standard Adventure flight then strap into our High performance Extra 200 aerobatic aircraft for the Aerobatic Adventure flight.

Q: Will get to fly the aircraft myself?

A: Yes, once the aircraft is airborne your instructor will demonstrate the controls and allow you to try for yourself.

Q: Can I take photos?

A: Yes, of course you can!

Q: What happens if the weather is bad on the day?

A: The weather conditions are more restrictive for the Aerobatic Flights. The situation may occur where you are able to complete the Standard Adventure Flight but not the Aerobatic Adventure Flight, in which case we would rebook the Aerobatic Adventure Flight for a mutually acceptable date.