Fearless Flying

Fearless Flying

Conquer your fear and take to the skies with Cambridge Aero Club!

Are you a nervous flyer? Do you get anxious at the very thought of stepping onto an aeroplane?

You are not alone! It is estimated that around 30 – 50 per cent of the population will suffer from a fear of flying at some point in their life.

Do you dream of effortlessly stepping onto your business or holiday flight, of being able to relax without worrying whilst the pre-flight checks are carried out and the aircraft is taxied to the runway ready for take-off?

Now, with our Fearless Flying Course this can become a reality!

The course is specifically designed to help you overcome your fear and enable you to confidently take to the skies! Through a combination of theory and actual flight experience with one of our highly trained instructors, we will work to equip you with the confidence you need to conquer your fear of flying.

Starting with a one-to-one briefing during which you can discuss any questions or concerns you may have about flying, our highly experienced instructor will take you step by step through the process of flying. You will gain a basic understanding of the theory behind aviation and an overview of the specialised engineering involved, before taking to the skies for your fear-busting flight.


Flight Safety:

Records produced by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) in 2014 show that, in 2013 member states across the world recorded the fewest number of fatalities in commercial scheduled air transport since the year 2000. Only 90 accidents were reported – that’s an accident rate of only 2.8 per 1 million departures! Scheduled passenger traffic flights numbered approximately 32.1 million in 2013, which certainly proves that statistically, the chances of an issue arising with flying are very minimal. It’s actually rather riskier to ride a bicycle in Cambridge than to take to the skies!

Here at Cambridge Aero Club we understand that this kind of rationale doesn’t necessarily allay ones fears however.

The “what if’s?” otherwise known as “catastrophic thinking” and the fear of the unknown can have a crippling affect on a person’s life. Aerophobia, becomes a problem when not only the heightened level of anxiety far outweighs the probability of the catastrophe, but in so doing, this has a detrimental effect on the way you live your life.

It can mean missing out on visiting family, attending weddings or even just going on holiday with family. It can also cause severe career problems when faced with a business opportunity that requires air travel. Some people fear take-offs, others fear landing, and a higher proportion are fine until the first giddy lurches of turbulence set in.

Aerophobia is a complex issue, and can be built up of one or more fears having a compounding affect. These ‘sub-phobias’ can include; acrophobia (fear of heights), agoraphobia (anxiety in public spaces), claustrophobia (fear of confined spaces) and Ochlophobia (fear of crowds) to name but a few. There are various ‘triggers’ which can bring on aerophobia, such as being in a confined space and experiencing turbulence.

Whilst facts and figures do play an important part in the road or ’flight path’ to carefree-flying, our combination approach has a proven-success rate. It is our belief that it is no good us just telling you that flying is nothing to worry about, but that we can actually show you, through positive and real experience.


The Course:

The Cambridge Aero Club is one of the few Flight Training Organisations in the UK to offer a Fearless Flying course on a one-to-one basis, specifically tailored to your needs.

The Half day course for one is £250, or bring along a friend to fly together twice for only £400!


What you’ll get for your money:

– 40 minute Briefing with your instructor including an introduction to the rich history of Marshall and an in depth discussion of the practicalities of flying.

– Tour of Marshall hangers in order to gain an understanding of how aeroplanes are built and maintained.

– One hour flight in a Cessna 172 with one of our senior Instructors (or 1 x one hour + 1 x 40min flight with the Fly Twice deal).

– Complementary refreshments and a light lunch after flying.

– Your very own certificate showing successful completion of our Fearless Flying course!


Fearless Flying experience days take place in the morning between the hours of 9am and 1pm. Please allow 3 hours for your experience day.


‘Confidence through positive experience’