Aerobatic Trial Lesson

Aerobatic Adventure Flights

Stunt Flying (n): The activity or practice of performing stunts in an aeroplane, such as special turns etc, in the air.

These aerial aerobatic manoeuvres range from gentle chandells and barrel rolls to more challenging and exhilarating loops, cubans and stall turns.


Experience the thrill of taking to the skies in a high performance aerobatic aircraft similar to those used in the famous Red Bull Air Race series.

When you arrive you will be briefed by your highly experienced instructor who will explain the basic aircraft controls, safety procedures and the content of the flight. There will then be an opportunity for your family and friends to take pictures as you are strapped into the aircraft ready to go!

Your instructor will talk you through everything as he takes you through a series of breathtaking manoeuvres which are guaranteed to get your pulse racing! You will then have an opportunity to take the controls of the aircraft and maybe try your hand at some basic manoeuvres yourself. All of our aircraft have dual controls.

Once you have flown the aircraft, marvel at the views of beautiful Cambridge and the surrounding countryside. If you don’t fancy the thought of aerobatic flight, it’s not obligatory… We can make the experience as gentle as you like.

In Flight

We can film your flight experience!

Using the renowned Go-Pro cameras we are delighted to capture your thrilling flying experience in full 1080p high definition and offer to transfer directly the raw footage onto an 8gb USB branded and packaged in Cambridge Aero Club colours!  Your ‘once in a lifetime’ experience footage is available for just £25 & you will be able to decide on the day of your flight if you wish to purchase it.

About The Aircraft

The Extra 200 is designed and built by the German Extra Aircraft Company and is an unlimited class aerobatic aircraft capable of sustained flight loads of +/- 10g with an ultimate breaking load of 23g! It is built from highly advanced composite materials which offer unparalleled strength and lightness. Despite being relatively small in its external dimension, the Extra 200 can accommodate a passenger of up to 6′ 2″ in height and weighing up to 16 stone.

It is essential that your clothing is not too loose and fully enclosed flat soled footwear is essential. Flight suits will be provided but all pockets must be emptied and loose jewellery removed prior to flight. Passengers are also strongly advised to eat properly before flying and don’t forget to bring your sunglasses!


£189.00 for a 30 minute Adventure flight

Once payment has been made, we will send you a personalised ticket for your Aerobatic Experience Flight, valid for 12 months!

£25 per ‘In Flight’ USB

To book your flight, call 01223 373717

or email

(Please read our Flight Experience Terms and Conditions before booking.)


Q: Can I take photos?

A: Due to the nature of the flight, there are some restrictions. Please check when booking to avoid disappointment on the day.  We are delighted to offer ‘in-flight’ footage of your amazing experience!  Using state of the art Go-Pro internally mounted camera we can capture your every move on film for you to show your friends and family!  Your footage is transferred to USB and presented in a Cambridge Aero Club case for just £25.

Q: What happens if the weather is bad on the day?

A: If the weather prevents your flight from taking place we will re-book your flight for the soonest possible date.

Q: What if I feel unwell during the flight?

A: Our aerobatic pilots are highly skilled at adapting flights to suit all types of passenger. In the unlikely event that you feel slightly uncomfortable, there are a number of things they can do to alleviate your symptoms so that you can enjoy the rest of your flight.

Q: Who can do an aerobatic flight and are there any restrictions?

A: You must weigh no more than 100 KG (16 Stone), be no taller than 1.88 meters (6’ 2”) and in good health.