Aerobatic rating

Congratulations on your Aerobatic Rating Fran!!

Fran Robinson has just this minute completed her Aerobatic Rating with Cambridge Aero Club’s CFI, Anthony Cooke. She came over to the UK for intensive training after first getting a taster of aerobatics last year at Shropshire Aero Club.
Fran Robinson4crop


Usually to be found working out in Saudi Arabia as an air hostess, Fran took a break from it all to pursue the rating after “falling in love with aerobatics after only a few minutes!”.

Without doubt, aerobatic flight represents the pinnacle of ‘hands on’ flying. Flying an aircraft in this manner demands skill and judgement beyond that required by more straight forward ‘A to B’ flying. Your reward for achieving this level of skill is unparalleled freedom and confidence improving all aspects of your relationship with aviation, whilst significantly deepening the satisfaction and enjoyment which motivated you to start flying in the first place.

In recognition of this most rapidly expanding area of interest, we offer a number of different courses for aerobatic training. Ranging from a simple one-off trial aerobatic lesson, to full-blown courses to prepare you for the exciting world of competition flying.

We look forward to seeing you for some loops and rolls next time Fran!